Izzadoragle Queen LadyBug

Name: LadyBug

Flame, Lilac and Creme Torti

Age: 4yrs

Favorite Color: Chocolate

Favorite Movie: Disney’s “Maleficent”

Favorite Treat: Temptations

Favorite Food: Costco grain-free dry, Whole Foods canned mixed with pain yogurt and bonito fish flakes.

Favorite Italian Quote: “Happiness is a house with more than just one cat.”

Favorite Music: Anything played on the piano, particularly classical.

My Favorite Links

1. www.Catman-do.com

2. www.tica.org

3. www.sturdiproducts.com


Queen LadyBug, our Lilac Point Queen


Fiercely Loyal, Talkative and Loves being a Mama to everyone (including humans)

LadyBug is a flame, Lilac, creme tortie and is one of the foundation queens at The Blue Lion. Her kittens have the sweetest personalities, just like her. She is a true Lilac, Flame and Creme that has been genetically tested at Washington State University.

LadyBug enjoys looking over the entire cattery and its humans. She helps out the other mothers with their kittens – Aunt LadyBug!

Her kittens are beautiful and well-socialized.