King Lindor

Izzadorable King Lindor

Name: Izzadorable Lindor
Age: 5 years

Favorite Color: Lilac and Blue.

Favorite Book: Any children’s book when read out loud when he is cuddling with his family.

Favorite Movie: Video Catnip

Favorite Food: Whole foods canned cat food mixed with plain yogurt.

Favorite Quote: “It’s a dogs life.”

His Favorite treats:Bonito fish flakes.

Favorite Songs:
Hello Beautiful
One Funky Cat
When The Sun Goes Down

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Lindor is a chocolate bi color, named after the famous Swiss chocolates. He has a very calm disposition and in the show ring the judges commented on his “proper Ragdoll coat” which is non matting. His kittens have these same traits.

Lindor is happily retired and now lives in his forever home in North Carolina.