Rolo is a Handsome Chocolate Mitted Male

NAME: Izzadorable Rolo

Age:5 yrs

Favorite Color: Lilac, Chocoalte, Blue and Flame/Red

Favorite Move: Bohemian Rhapsody ( Rolor loves Rock and Country Music)

Favorite Treats: Temptations

Favorite Food: Cost Co grain free Dry, Tiki Cat canned and plain yogurt.

My Favorite Links (Professionally made cat enclosures)

Southmarch Veterinary /FaceBook (Carriers)


Rolo is named after the chocolate candy. He is a rare chocolate BiColor. He has a very proper non matting Ragdoll coat. He LOVES all his Queens and they Love him back! Super sweet disposition and his kittens have these same traits.

When he is not with his Queens he LOVES sleeping on the back deck in his professionally made cat enclosure by John Kuepper of KEEP YOUR KITTIES SAFE! Otherwise hanging out with the family o the deck at the BBQ.