King Charles

King Charles is the breeding male of The Blue Lions.


NAME: The Blue Lion King Charles (Charlie)

Age: 3 years

Favorite Color: Lilac and Blue.

Favorite Book: All The Pretty Horses. Really any book that is read to him when he is cuddling with his family.

Favorite Thing to do human: Take rides in the car.

Favorite Food: Cost Co grain free dry, Tiki Cat Canned.

Favorite Treats: Temptations

Favorite Songs: “Hello Beautiful,” “Queen-Cool Cat,” and “Dre Island-Smile”

Favorite Links:





Charlie is a Lilac Point Grand Champion with The International Cat Association (TICA). He has a playful and very calm disposition. He loves to show and is a real comedian with the judges. His kittens have these same traits.

When he is not with his queens, he loves playing in his outdoor, professionally-made enclosure. Otherwise, he loves cuddling and going for long rides in the car. He would love to be the center of attention all the time!